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If you are handling a litigation discovery case, need marketing material printed, copying a case file, preparing a training manual, needing a graphic designer or trying to reduce your monthly document retention cost, we have what you need!  We can develop a plan to help you become more efficient and save you money at the same time. We realize cost will always be a factor when it comes to your business, that's why it's important for our company to fully understand your need.  We take a complex situation and make it simple.

"Our goal is to establish a long term relationship that will impact your business as well as to increase efficiencies and growth within your organization."
What has changed about your business?

We realize the economy has changed over the past years and this has affected the way you do business. We can present a simple solution for a simple cost that will accommodate your budget as well as save you money in the future. Our solutions help you, your clients and your profits.

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         ​​Keith T. Jones
         Owner & CEO​

        Over 25 years of industry experience
The higher laws of customer service:

"When I answer a business call, I accept the responsibility to ensure the caller will be satisfied with their project, no matter what the request."
An Indiana Minority Company established 2010​
Litigation Copying/Scanning & Printing Services
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